White Beelze Bubba LTD is a multi-hybrid of Bubba Kush, Biker Kush, and White OG V2.0.  Mostly broad-leafed plants come from his cross and most have good side-branching.  Smells range from that Bubba-coffee type of smell to lemon-pinesol and sometimes hashy because of the White OG influence.  Expect a nice, easy-to-grow Kush hybrid with a head-kicking effect.  Strong high that is great for relaxation. 

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Genetics:  Beelze Bubba V2.0 x White OG V2.0 male

Type: Mostly Indica

Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks

Height:  Medium

Yield:  Medium/High

Release Year:  2014

Credits:  Karma Genetics