Old Grandpa Scratch LTD came from a collaboration with a friend of mine who goes by the name MeltingPOT. He crossed the LIOS (Long Island Old Skool) clone with A Lucifer OG(KG) Male. This created a strain called Old Scratch. Old Scratch was then crossed with White OG V2.0 males, creating Old Grandpa Scratch LTD.  The result is a fast, medium-sized, easy to grow plant. This one is an Indica dominant Hybrid. She can produce a load of resin and makes nice, tight, indica buds. Smells range from light hashy to a pungent non-sweet fruit smell.

This strain is great for beginning and experts alike. Only 100 packs will be released so once gone, they gone!

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Genetics:  Old Scratch (LIOS clone x Lucifer OG male) x White OG V2.0 male

Type:  Mostly Indica

Flowering Time: 9-12 weeks

Height:  Medium

Yield:  Medium/High

Release Year:  2014

Credits:  MeltingPOT and Karma Genetics.