Jamil Sayyida is an outdoor strain that can be harvested at the end of September to the beginning of October, in Holland.  The name Jamil Sayyida means “Beautiful Lady” in Arabic.  That’s just what she is, with her great violet colors and smell and taste that range from floral to spicy.  She is stronger than the Leb #27 but almost grows the same.

The mom is a Leb #27 (green pheno) that I’ve grown for over 3 years and it’s always the first to finish.  I love the Sativa taste this plant gives; it’s a real tasty smoke!  Some people think she is a little weak in effect, I personally don’t agree.  I think she gives a real nice clear high.

The male in the cross is a multi-crossing of PPxReder.Erd.Purp x Purpureat.  This male was beautiful to see.  He produced a wonderful, floral smell.

I have to give credit to my fine friend, Esben, for supplying me with the fine genetics to create this gorgeous outdoor strain!

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Genetics:   Leb#27 x (PPxReder.Erd.Purp x Purpureat) male

Type: Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time:  Late September – Early Ocotober

Height:  Tall

Yield:  Medium/High

Release Year:  2009

Credits:  Esben and Karma Genetics