Strain: Jack O Nesia

Flower Time: 8-10 weeks

Grower: Ocanabis

COMMENTS: Super nice density with amazing scents of Lemon Diesel and hints of Candy mix.

Potency:  9

Taste:  10

Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth) 7-10

Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)  1

Duration (in hours)  2-3

Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast):  ?

Overall Satisfaction: 10

Comments:  Most phenos were smooth as silk with the odd pheno being a bit harsh because the smoke is thick

Smell: ranging from mostly lemon Diesel and the odd pheno being a mix of Candy and lemon’s

Taste: Mostly lemon Diesel with slight pepper or spicy flavors.

Effects: Soothing and relaxing with a wide-awake and functional head high. Medicinal grade.

Keeper? YES

Note: Smoke report is based on a 2 week drying time and another 4 weeks to cure.

Final Comments:  Very easy to grow strain that doesn’t require a lot of feeding.  I fed her up to week 6 when I noticed a bit of nute burn so I flushed them all out and kept them on plain water and/or Mollases until harvest at 8 weeks.  Plants grow more sativa in shape while stretch is approximately 3 times. Buds form to a nice sativa shape with very nice density and coated in resins. The aroma’s are mostly Lemon Diesel and Fuely that will coat the palate leaving you with a more sour and spicy tastes in your mouth and on the gums.  The high is really smooth, easy going, with mostly an uplifting mental high, while providing a nice light relaxing body body stone. My favs were the more lemon diesel flavors and smells.  The candy pheno while came on strong and fast initially the buzz seemed to fade more quickly as well.

Thats all folks, later.