Posted on Apr 28, 2015

For those “in the know,” you’ve heard about Sour Power OG for a few months.  After many successful test grows, we’re proud to officially announce our collaboration with Hortilab.  Taking Hortilab’s cup-winning Sour Power cut and crossing it with our proven Biker Kush V2.0 male, the results are an undeniable winner:

This special lady is a must have for any grower.

Strain description:

Sour Power OG  is our first collaboration with our good friends at Hortilab Seeds.  After they won cup after cup with their Sour Power, we decided it was the perfect one to combine with our legendary Biker Kush male.  The result is a pretty easy to grow OG Kush Hybrid with a clear Sour D influence.  This one has a mouth-coating flavors ranging from Sours to Lemons to Gas/Fuel.   Winner x Winner = Double winner outcome!

More info on Sour Power OG right HERE.